Funky Chunks soap is on a mission to liberate you from boring showers, lackluster lathers, and less than satisfying suds.  We are here to blast you with a kaleidoscope of colors and a symphony of scents one Chunk of soap at a time!  Back in 2008 the creator of Funky Chunks, Michele, realized that the soaps that she was using as a consumer were frankly uninspiring.

She wanted to break the soap mold and so she did.                        

Funky Chunks believes that soap can make your skin happy, your nose happy, and your mind happy.  They demand only the best by using only the highest quality ingredients like nourishing coconut oil, silky olive oil, and vitamin rich palm oil (sustainable sourced of course).  Add a little passion and mix it up with carefully curated scents and naturally occurred glycerin and you’ve got one funky chunk of soap! It only takes one Chunk and you’ll be hooked; have your own little sudsy revolution and come on over to the Funky side. 

Go on…try a Chunk…break out of the cookie cutter bathroom life that’s been sold to you by big box companies and treat yourself right!

We promise once you get ahold of one of our big, bright, and bodacious fragrant Chunks of soap you’ll never be the same.  And did we mention the bubbles?  That’s right:  Tons of bubbles.  These Chunks of soap are made in small batches for superior quality control and the result is a fountain of bubbles that rests in the palm of your hand.

So are you ready to become a loyal fan of the Funky Chunks revolution?  Are you ready to demand superior soaps and seriously satisfying showers?  If so then you are already a Funky Junkie and we welcome you.  All that’s left for you to do is figure out your favorite!

Meet The Makers


Funky Chunks soap is the passion project of Michele, who has a deep desire to transform your life one shower at a time.  With more than ten years of soap making experience it’s no wonder that Funky Chunks has taken the soap making world by storm.

Michele’s work has been featured in NJ Monthly Magazine, Gift Shop Magazine and Conscious Connection Magazine.  She was originally introduced to the world of artisan bubbles by her great-grandmother but grew up (for a while) and lived the life of a Textile Designer and Retail Manager before returning to her roots. 

When she is not busy creating the happiest soap on the planet, you can find Michele curled up with a good book or binge watching Midsomer Murders on Netflix. She is a voracious reader, adventurous cook and enjoys listening to music, with her favorites being SKA, old school punk and Johnny Cash.