Liquid Sunshine


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Super fizzy lemon and lime soda pop. Extra sweet smelling and refreshing. Our take on an ice cold Mountain Dew!

One giant 5.25 ounce Chunk of Liquid Sunshine soap.
When you enjoy this Chunk of Liquid Sunshine, you will be treated to a luxurious lather that is creamy, moisturizing, and full of bubbles bigger than you’d even imagine.  We pride ourselves on creating our pampering products with only the highest quality ingredients which is why each and every Chunk of soap features a signature recipe that just can’t be replicated elsewhere.  By combining the nourishing oils and intoxicating natural fragrances, we are able to offer you a soap that doesn’t just clean you; it reinvigorates you, relaxes you, and indulges you depending on which scent you select.
Signature Blend Ingredients:  Pure Olive Oil, Coconut Oil and Organic and Sustainable Palm Oil.